Baby Steps

Are you looking for ways to make tummy time more enjoyable? Do you want to know more about your child’s development? Are you trying to balance life as a new mom?

If the answer is yes, we have designed the perfect group for you!

Our mission is to provide:

• a comfortable environment where families can bond and support one another

• a way for families to manage time and stress as well as how to care for you and your new baby

• information on developmental milestones ad recommendations for appropriate and affordable toys and activities

• a hands-on, fun play experience for you and your baby

Who will benefit from this group?

This group is for parents, caregivers, and their child from newborn to one year old.

What to expect during a group session?

Classes will run for up to 90 minutes.  The first part of the session will be for parents and caregivers to share their experiences as well as provide strategies, suggestions, and support.  The remainder of the time a developmental specialist will teach a topic and provide hands-on experience for you to practice with your baby.

When will groups meet?

New groups are forming all the time. Please contact our office to check available openings.

What are the topics and how much does it cost?

You can join a group at any time. The sequence separates into three sections 0-4 months, 4-8 months, and 8-12 months. Within each of those sections there are 4-5 topics. Topics include but are not limited to: supporting and facilitating gross motor development (such as tummy time, rolling, sitting, crawling and walking), education regarding best play activities and materials for developing essential hand skills, and the natural progression of speech and feeding, and how to meet your child’s ever-changing physical needs.  We recognize it is equally important to address the parents’ physical and emotional well-being; we will demonstrate effective and safe core strengthening exercises, optimal ergonomics for basic child-care, and stress and time-management skills. Other topics by guest speakers will be added as available. If you are available to participate in the entire first year, you would attend 12 classes. You may also just pick the topics that are most interesting to you. A single class is $30 or you may purchase a group of 4 for $100.

How do I register?

Please call our office at 703.536.1817 ext. 100. Online registration will be coming soon!

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